Splendour in the Grass 2016

Splendour in the Grass 2016 heads into another successful year while many other music festivals in Australia find their crowds dwindling in interest and numbers. What is their secret to success? In a recent ABC radio interview organisers suggest it is the continued refinement of the audience experience, from camping and food to music and … Continue reading Splendour in the Grass 2016

Sport events in Australia

Recently, our research discovered that over 1,000 sport events were held in regional areas of Australia between January and December 2014. While the media stories on mud runs and extreme sport events promote the popularity of more diverse sport events, the search found that most sport events were  in traditional areas of running (marathons, half … Continue reading Sport events in Australia

Sport events in regional Australia 

Our recent research into sport events in Australia suggests that there are over 1000 events held every year. Every weekend thousands of dedicated sport event participants travel to the far reaches of regional and rural Australia to compete, marshal and officiate in an increasingly diverse range of sport events. For the first time researchers have … Continue reading Sport events in regional Australia 

News: Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games – what can we leverage?

There are few other events on earth that can attract over 6,000 media, 4,000 participants from 72 countries along with a few hundred thousand spectators. What we can learn from the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games, is that the key opportunity for tourism, arts and charity organisations is the ability to leverage the presence of an … Continue reading News: Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games – what can we leverage?

Create: Niche events

One of the key elements to creating a festival that people will travel to, involves the use of a “special interest” or niche. Around the world, the use of planes, trains and automobiles as a focus for an event has proven to be a key to success in event tourism. An event like the RAAF air … Continue reading Create: Niche events

Refine: Segment the market

There are many studies to suggest that festival audiences are not all made equal. Even a music festival can have several distinct groups of people with similar behaviours or characteristics. These groups – or market segments- have different expectations and needs. They may access information differently and may seek event information in different ways. As … Continue reading Refine: Segment the market

Know your potential

Research into visitor behaviour and satisfaction helps event and tourism managers understand their visitors and know their potential. Armed with the right information businesses, festivals and events of all size have sourced extra funding and demonstrated the true value of their business. We believe that research should be simple, straightforward and easy to understand, and … Continue reading Know your potential