What we do…

Destination Research has been providing specialist research services for over 10 years to  local governments, tourism and event operators, destination managers and cultural tourism organisations. As a boutique research consultancy we can tailor cost effective research services to meet the needs of smaller destinations and events in regional areas of Australia.

Using our knowledge of Tourism Research Australia data we can create simple visitor profiles in local government areas (LGA) which compares yearly data over five or ten years. We can create easy to read reports for domestic and international tourism, and track the trends over time.

We specialise in event evaluation for regional and small events, providing surveys, data analysis and reporting that will help secure funding and gain sponsorship. We have proudly served over 80 regional events in NSW and QLD with research and evaluation services.

Our research for field days, sport events and cultural festivals has provided economic evaluations and social assessments to share with funding partners and sponsors.

As specialists in cultural tourism research, our recent projects in regional art galleries have provided new insights into the needs and travel behaviours of art gallery visitors, as well as measuring the economic impact of visitors to the gallery.

Using data collected on-site, on-line and from an extensive research library, we can provide a complete picture of visitors to any destination, event or venue.

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