Arts festivals

Art events and cultural festivals are an important part of the cultural landscape of regional Australia. They range from small community art prizes, to city wide extravaganzas. Each event contributes to the cultural value of the town or city and offers important opportunities for artists and entertainers to gain exposure for their work.

Arts events include film festivals and mardi gras, as well as leisure conventions, but also include a myriad of music festivals. From their origins in the 1960’s when the great rock music festivals of Woodstock in 1969 and the Isle of White in 1968  changed western society’s ideas of large scale celebrations of modern culture, to the modern day mega productions of Supersonic and the Big Day Out, music festivals shows no sign of decline.

Our recent research shows the value of these events in attracting high proportions of visitors from outside the region and their ability to contribute to the cultural image of a destination.

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