Industry events and EXPOs

Industry events such as agricultural expos, conventions and field days are a solid part of the event landscape in Australia, and an important part of many regional event portfolios. Events such as Tocal Field Days combine opportunities for agri-business with family entertainment to create an engaging event for local and visiting audiences.

Our studies have found people attend with a strong intention to purchase, as well as to meet suppliers, compare products and check prices.

There is also a rise in popularity in fan based leisure conventions which feature a program of activities, key-note presentations and an expo of collectibles. The most common leisure convention is the sci-fi convention, (or con as it is known) but others feature comic books, fantasy, gaming, anime, horror and TV shows. Some events are specific to one show (Doctor Who) while others are more generic to the genre (comicon). There is evidence that these events attract visitors from all over the country and overseas, contributing a significant amount to the local economy.

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